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It is a collection of 5 types of games with 6 games under each category
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Brain Workout is a collection of 5 types of games with 6 games under each category means it has a total of 30 games. All these games are brainy games. Brain Workout presently has verbal, numerical, spatial, memory and logic types of games. Under Verbal category you will find games of Anagrams, Spelling Test, Split Words, Word Ladders, word Search and Word Wise to enhance your English vocabulary skill and to improve your memory. And Numerical category has Mental Arithmetic, Number Balance, Number Crunch, Number Sequence, Pyramid Sum and Soroban games to improve your mathematical skill and make your mind sharper. Whereas under Spatial category you will get 4 Color, Box Packer, Color Matching, Fold The Cube, Maze Runner and Shape Match games to increase your thinking level and to make your mind more creative. Brain Workout’s Memory category has Follow the Leader, Matching Pairs, Memory Grid, Missing Object, Route Finder and Shape Shifter games to optimize your memory. And in the Logic category of the Brain Workout you can find Code Breaker, Color Tiles, Compass Point, Connexagon, Domino and Sudoku games which will surely improve your knowledge of these fields and of course make you more clever. It also comes with a Daily test to test your skill and progress under time limited exercises.

Manoj Goel
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  • Easy to use with attractive interface
  • Provide 30 games of 5 major categories
  • Each game has different levels for different expertise experience
  • Time Limited Daily Test games also included
  • A complete package of brainy games


  • Not a freeware
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